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I (Dennis) is a lifelong rider. From mini bikes and dirt bikes up to and including the touring bike I have now. There have only been a few times in my life when a bike was not involved.

Growing up on Long Island in the ’60s and 70’s Long Island was mostly a wooded area. This meant lots of trails for riding. Since it was also the time for Evil Knievel, it also meant times for stupid stunts. My favorite riding area was a woods down the road from my house.

From Mini bikes too dirt bikes and street bikes

Most Locations Are Based On Rides

From minibikes (some homemade), dirt bikes, and street bikes I have owned and/or rode quite a few motorcycles in my life and can’t ever see a time in my future when some sort of motorcycle won’t be involved. I have ridden by myself, rode with groups, and even ran a motorcycle group with over 150 members. Even now as a full-time RVer every decision about traveling, RVs, or locations involves motorcycle ride planning. As a matter of fact, most locations we pick to RV in have awesome roads that we want to ride, and is the reason we choose that location to RV in.

Chris on the other hand had never ridden or even ridden on the back of a motorcycle when we met. After a few short rides around her home town, she was hooked. Well, that worked out well…lol.

Bike Near The Water

We have created this site to share our excitement and joy of riding with everyone. To encourage newbies to get out and enjoy life on two wheels. To reminisce and share rides with both seasoned riders and newbies alike. We think everyone should be on two wheels!!! With all the stress everyone is dealing with in today’s society there is nothing that soothes the soul like wind therapy!!!

This site is an open book with stories, articles, and information being added constantly. We would love for you to join and grow with us. We even have a “Ride With Us” page that we will post some of the rides we are going to do. If you are in or close to where we are we would love to have you join us on a ride!

All 50 States

Our goal is to ride in all 50 states at least once. When we come across cool rides we will share them with you. We have a YouTube channel (same name as this website) that we will post rides to so please check out our channel.

Feel free to comment on any article you find on this site. We would love to know your thoughts. Also, if you ever have any questions on anything you see on this site use our contact us form or post it in the comment section of an article. We will answer/respond to all comments and questions.

Dennis & Christine Consorte

Ride Often/Ride Safe

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