Riding In A Group

Group Ride

Group Riding Disclaimer: Motorcycle riding is dangerous. Your riding experiences are yours and yours alone. The content below is meant to be a general introduction to group riding. Please always use caution, wear the proper gear, and take approved safety training courses before engaging in a ride. This site is not intended as a training site.  … Read more

Cold Weather Riding Tips

Heated Gear

Don’t Winterize That Bike!!! Every rider loves the warm weather. I am no exception to that. What about winter. Most people (in the northern states) winterize their bikes. Even I did the last year I was in New York. ┬áDam, I think I am getting old…lol. Now we have been coming to Florida for most … Read more

Motorcycling For Beginners

Motorcycle In The Driveway

Motorcycling is by far one of my favorite things to do.  There are lots of different opinions and debates about certain things that I will cover, especially safety, in this article. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I will be giving you mine. You are always free to make your own choices. There … Read more

Why I Ride

Looking From The Mountains

Why Do I Ride? Why do I ride? This is something I never really gave a lot of thought to. I just ride. Today I sat back and started to take a look at some reasons I started to ride and why I ride now. Years ago the bottom line was it was just plain … Read more