Super Test Ride

Date Of Ride: 12/20/18
Approx Number Of Miles: 300

The one thing about being in Anytown USA is that there are not really many roads to ride. Most of the cool things you would want to do involve riding anywhere from 5-15 miles of dirt, rocks, and gravel. I guess that’s what makes quads and razors so popular around here.

Off To Anytown USA

So needing some wind therapy we pulled up our trusty Google Maps and started looking for places we can make a ride to. We had already done a loop around the Salton Sea and another around Quartzite so we needed to expand our horizons. Off a little way past Quartzite was a place called Lake Havasu City. It’s apparently kind of a big deal so after bouncing the idea off a couple of residents here and getting their opinion on whether it was worth the trip we decided to take a ride out there.

Total Ride time Was 6 Hours

It turned out to be quite a long day as the total ride time was about 6 hours. That includes a stop in Quartzite to stretch and another 3 stops on the way back. 2 were photo ops and 1 was a stretch. It also includes 3 fuel stops. We could have technically skipped the last fuel stop but we didn’t want to leave the bike so low on fuel. We knew we probably won’t get out for another week and temps are getting into the 40’s at night and 70’s during the day. That is a good combination for condensation (water build up) in the tank.

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